GFXedit Designs initially started out just for small logo and graphics editing works, later the name spread widely because of the free wordpress themes popularity.

About GFXedit Designs

GFXedit Designs is a small, onweb design studio founded by designer and author, Sreejith R. We create attractive designs with simplicity and respect to the web standards to make it efficient and fast.

We are focused on :

  • Layout, Interface Design — Designing and building web layouts and interfaces with respect to the web standards.
  • Style and Markup Optimization — Simplifying higher size codes into simpler and fast loading pages.
  • Consultation — Help with interface strategies, CSS suggestions, XHTML structure, WordPress, Installation.
  • Web Site Redesign — Move your existing site to a CSS-based xHTML layout.

Upcoming Themes

About GFXedit Designs

GFXedit Designs is the official website of Web Designer & Coder, Sreejith R Krishnan, with over five years commercial design experience as a freelance designer. Creating clear, simple, effective web designs with respects to latest web standards, personally and with help of a team of freelance designers.

The services range from web designs (PSD), XHTML/CSS coding, PHP, Content Management Systems, Static, Corporate & Blog themes with Wordpress etc.

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