2cDarkGrey WordPress theme

2cDarkGrey is a Dark Grey template for WordPress Blogging system. The sidebar can be edited for ads too. The three column, content management system lookalike of this theme will be released soon.2cDarkGrey WordPress theme


  • Added “Add to MyYahoo!“, “Add to Google“, “My MSN“, “Bloglines“, “MyFeedster” tags.
  • Added and technorati tags after posts.
  • Use class=”articleimg” tag for images to appear on right , and class=”articleimgleft” tag for images to appear on left.
  • For any sort of problems / suggestion / theme customization, Please contact us.

Preview :

Download : .Rar (19.7 KB) | .Zip (22.1 KB)

December 17th, 2005
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  4. […] I just finish installing new template for this blog. Its a design from GFXEdit. Its named 2cDarkGrey. I like this blog because of the simplicity and not so heavy loading since not really many images in this theme. Its almost same as my previous template, WPAndreas03. After finish set up the theme and do some coding to suit my several plugins. […]

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  6. […] My initial favorite was 2cDarkGrey; once I actually installed it, though, it seemed a bit dark for me. Also, there were various things that I wanted to tweak, and I had a harder-than expected time doing that. […]

  7. Hi there, I would like to thank you because I use your fantastic theme on my site.
    Really a great work. for real.
    greetings from Venice

  8. Oh wow. Can I port this to other systems? I can’t find any word concerning under what license this is released.
    Great great work!

  9. Great theme — it’s everything I’m looking for.

    I’ve had problems, though, getting the “paged & threaded comments” mod to run correctly in this theme. It operates just fine, but the image which serves as the link to open and close comment threads… it always shows up as too large. Example:

    See the image beside the words “Comment by”? It’s supposed to be one small square with a horizontal line (or cross) through it. The image itself is generated using php, which is beyond me. Any tips? (I would ask Brian, the creator of Threaded Comments, but his site never loads up for me.)


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