Lines Dark Grey [WordPress Theme]

Lines Dark Grey is a dark grey coloured theme with lines for WordPress Blogging system, similar to the 2cDarkGrey . The sidebar is on the left side. It has two versions.

  • Has “Add to MyYahoo!“, “Add to Google” tags.
  • Has and technorati tags after posts.
  • Use class=”articleimg” tag for images to appear on right , and class=”articleimgleft” tag for images to appear on left.
  • For any sort of problems / suggestion / theme customization, Please contact us.

Preview :

Download :

For navigation links to be Custom : .Rar [9.5 KB] | .Zip [11.5 KB]
(Note that the “pages” (not posts) menu would not be shown in sidebar. You can edit the links.php for custom links on top navigation bar. Works nice if you don’t have any pages.)

For navigation links to be Pages : .Rar [9.5 KB] | .Zip [11.5 KB]
(Pages appear as Top navigation links, Note that this won’t work on PHP 5.0)

January 10th, 2006
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  1. not working well on IE .. FF is fine .. but fix it for IE plz

  2. Seems fine here, whats the prob ?

  3. Hey men, i take some elements of this theme to make my own theme, please, check it, c-ya.

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  5. Hi,
    Great theme! It navigates and works very well. I was looking at your 2cDarkGrey theme, but I like the sidebar on the left and how the sidebar doesn’t change in a single post. Some hopeful-helpful feedback:

    1. In the comments, if they are closed, it will read
    No Comments
    No comments yet.
    Comments closed.
    These all have a purpose but I like things streamlined, so I just deleted the text for ‘No comments yet’ and ‘Comments closed.’ True, when comments are closed it won’t say ‘Comments closed’, but ‘No Comments’ communicates that too.

    Question: When there are comments, I’d line to insert a line between my text in the post and the comments. How do I do that?

    2. Navigation to other posts below the comment box. I moved it above the Comments. I figured some people won’t scroll to the bottom.

    3. The bullet-squares are kind of funny – in IE, sometimes they’re all there, some there, and other times not there at all. (Note: May be due to my own sidebar modifications).

    4. Some ‘post title’ issues where the title is on the dividing line between posts.

    Great piece of work! Thanks, Garrett

  6. Hey Gerret,
    Actually I made this theme in a hurry, so could not look into it properly. I am also aware of “post title” dashed underline getting over the title sometimes, in some browsers.
    But am so lazy ^_^ *yawns* . Anyway thanks for the comments & suggestions, Gerret .

  7. hanks – that did the trick – looks great in IE

    One more quick question – do you have the code to show the recent posts for this theme. I see that it pulls categories, but I can’t get it to show the recent posts in the sidebar.

  8. put this in sidebar

    < ?php wp_get_archives('type=postbypost&limit=6'); ?>

  9. great theme.

    I would try it to my next net label section.

    many many thanks for your excellent work.

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  11. I have the same problem:

    “The bullet-squares are kind of funny – in IE, sometimes they’re all there, some there, and other times not there at all.”

    Can you fix this?.
    Thanks a lot for your work!.

  12. “I am also aware of “post title” dashed underline getting over the title sometimes, in some browsers.”

    I have this problem too. Can you fix those problems?. This theme is good, but please fix those problems!, Thanks!.

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  14. Fixed the problem here:

    Just a matter of adding a paragraph tag after a line of code in the Main Index Template.

  15. Great theme!

    I was testing it on my site, and noticed how when there were multiple posts for one day, the titles were being overlapped by the separator. cldnails’ fix above can solve the problem. Another fix if you want, which I did because I like each post to have the date listed, is change this code in the main index template:


    This will date each and every post, therefore eliminating the overlap issue. But if you don’t want each post dated, then the above fix can work just as well.

  16. I forgot I could not add code. So, replace this:

    php the_date()


    php the_time(‘F j Y’)

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