Buryy : 2 Column [WordPress Theme]

Buryy : 2 Column [Wordpress Theme]Buryy is a 2 column theme with a maroon color header and a simple white body layout with support of automattic’s theme widget. The design is by J David Macor.

It was tested on Internet Explorer 6, Firefox & Opera 9 and it seems to be working fine.


  • Automattic widget support
  • Supports Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Camino.
  • Use class=”articleimg” tag for images to appear on right , and class=”articleimgleft” tag for images to appear on left.
  • Contact “Sreejith” for any suggestions, modifications or help. :)

Download : Buryy v1.0 WordPress Theme

October 26th, 2006
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  1. Wow, you did a fantastic job with the port. To be honest, I am glad that you did make it into a theme. Personally, I don’t know how to do it, so having someone else do it is just fine with me. I just want to get the designs out there; they are free and don’t require credit, so feel free to turn all of my templates into themes, as long as you keep them free!

  2. Thank you, David :) .

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  8. […] Como repararam ou talvez não – se forem leitores do feed – o sofreu uma pequena operação plástica. Do elegante e limpo mas muito simples plaintxtBlog do – um site com vários themes minimalistas para o WordPress -, o blog passou a vestir uma nova indumentária baseada no Buryy, um port de Sreejith R. do a partir de um template de J. David Macor. Diga-se de passagem, este theme tem carradas de estilo, com um leve toque à Digg, e está muito bem organizado. A razão desta renovação estética deveu-se a uma intenção minha de conceder um aspecto mais profissional ao, para que as pessoas se possam orientar mais facilmente por aqui. Agora, preciso é mexer na folha de estilo de modo a “azulificá-lo” um bocadinho… Encarnado é um bocado sanguíneo e aguerrido demais para o meu gosto. O que é que acham? Digam de vossa justiça. November 7, 2006 | remisturas | […]

  9. Hi,

    I love this template, but I can’t figure out where to place Google adsense code in the side bar? I want to place a 120 x 60 skyscraper there.

    Also, how about at the top of the page as well…right below the navigation.

    Any hints?


  10. For sidebar ads, open your sidebar.php and look for

    <h3><?php _e(‘Categories’); ?></h3>
    <?php wp_list_cats(‘sort_column=name’); ?>

    below that add your adsense code.

    For ads below navigation, open your index.php and look for

    <?php include_once(‘head.php’)?>

    below that add your adsense code.

  11. Hi.
    I tried out the basic theme and it’s really nice.

    Went and verified the XHTML Transitional and found 2 errors, both easily resolved:

    index.php – remove </head> at the second line. The header is already closed in the Header.php

    The other is under the “Recent Comments” section, where there is a <ul> tag. When no comments exist (like my new blog) this will produce an XHTML error, but once a comment is provided anywhere on the site, this problem should be resolved.

    Thanks for porting a nice template!

  12. Hi again,

    I’m trying to incorporate Brian’s Nested Comments with this theme – and he wants to replace the theme’s comments.php file with his own (designed for the default Kubrick theme).
    This has limited success – as it looks like it works, but breaks the theme look.
    You can check it out on my site.
    Any chance you can point me in the right direction on how to modify the comments.php he provides to suite the Burry theme?

  13. Are you reffering to the comment background image not aligning properly ?

  14. Yes, the comment icon is not placed properly, and there is an extra pixel around the box.
    Also, on the comments page, I’d like to change the overall look to be back to the way you had in the original comments.php

    Essentially, I replaced the comments.php included with Brina’s comments.php and I want to retain the theme.

  15. Can you send me the buryy theme files you have right now on your ? Let me have a look.

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  18. For WordPress, for “tabs (pages in facts), only the first one, Home has a red text and black surroundings when selected. The other ones stay grey. It’s then hard to tell which one is selected.
    I think there’s someting to do with the style.css and head.php file but what..?? I’m a real beginner with WordPress.
    Thanks in advance if you can help me!

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Buryy : 2 Column [WordPress Theme]

Buryy : 2 Column [Wordpress Theme]

October 26th, 2006
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