Whats-your-solution? [WordPress Theme]

Internet-Jobs [Wordpress Theme]Whats-your-solution 1.0 is another corporate like theme for WordPress blogging system. For wordpress 1.5x – 2.0.1 . It is a eye friendly and clean layout. The orignal design is by Luka Cvrk, And ported by me :)

Features & Notes:

  • Has and technorati (cosmos) tags after posts.
  • Use class=”articleimg” tag for images to appear on right , and class=”articleimgleft” tag for images to appear on left.
  • For any sort of problems / suggestion / theme customization, Please contact us or comment here.

Preview : Flickr

Download : Whats-your-solution 1.0 (Mirror)

February 6th, 2006
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  4. I was trying your theme out and I really like it a lot. The one problem I ran into was that when a wordpress MORE tag is nested in a BLOCKQUOTE tag then it messes up the boxes surrounding the text. I use this combo often as I quote whole articles in my posts.

    Also do you think it would be relatively easy to make this into a full-width theme?

    Thanks so much, it’s a really nice theme.

  5. Err, ironically I managed to mess it up there. The tags are a “more” in a “blockquote”.

  6. Hey Charlie,
    If you use “more” tage in a post you need to close all the open tags before it. that is, you can not put more inside <blockquote cite=””> <code> <em> <i> ot any tag.
    The reason is, while on the homepage the post is shown till the “more” part. if you have a unclosed tag then it messes up the page.

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  8. I’m making a new blog with this theme but I found it is very difficult to add a caption under the photo, any methods?

  9. Hmm, Caption under which photo ? Could you please explain a bit more ? maybe with any examples

  10. I would put a sentence under a photo but I can’t. Although my blog wrote by Chinese, you can see the “It’s a caption”. I put it under but it goes beside the photo.

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  12. Thank you!

    It is now the official templeate for The Goo Blog.

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